, R-Texas, mocked Vice President on “” Wednesday for her “ridiculous” characterization of who fled the state to block new voting legislation after the VP applauded state lawmakers for being “in line” with the legacy of civil rights leaders.

TED CRUZ: It’s actually pretty ridiculous. Last I checked, the heroic civil rights protesters on the Edmund Pettus Bridge were not in a private chartered jet, they didn’t have a case of Miller Lite next to them. Look, these are partisan Democrats playing a political stunt and they’re desperate for media attention. They’re getting it. The Biden administration wants to play politics, and so they’re doing that. But this is going to fail. They’re going to eventually have to come home. And when they come home, the governor has rightly said he will continue to call special sessions until Texas passes voter integrity law to protect the integrity of elections. 

And if these House Democrats continue pulling this stunt, they’re going to be arrested. And the Texas Constitution gives ample authority to arrest legislators who are trying to shut down the operation of government and to forcibly make them present on the House floor so that the wheels of government can continue to turn. So when their stunt is over, the legislature will do its job.